Per Gade #MOWP24

Per Gade (Direktør, Faglig kvalitet & udvikling, Dansk Sundhedsikring) kommer til MOWP 2024!


We are excited to announce Per Gade, who is currently Head of Health at Dansk Sundhedssikring, the largest private health insurance provider in the Nordic Region with 580.000 insured customers. In his prior roles, Per was CEO of FysioDanmark ApS & PrimaCare A/S. 

Dansk Sundhedssikring aim to unite scientific evidence & customer acceptance within all areas, being particularly successful in parts of the mental health area and in acute onset nack- and back pain.

Apart from being a leader in the insurance industry, Per interestingly also has a background as a physiotherapist. 

We look forward to hearing about "Online management of acute MSK pain (eHealth)"!